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Yamadori Bonsai Dream


Just in case you’ve never tried it, this is what collecting a true beast of the wild looks like. Here's Mauro Stemberger's caption... "Somewhere in the Mountains, Yamadori Dream..." That's his back by the way and the tree is a Mugo pine

Mauro again, but this time from the back. We don't recommend you try this unless you are experienced or you tag along with someone who is. Otherwise, it's best to just take photos and then leave them where you find them

 Below are a few other photos from Mauro's timeline. There were no captions with the photos, so your guesses are as good as mine...




A closer look at the unusually shaped trunk and its tiny see through hole

I think this was just done on a whim and as soon as the photo was taken the elements were put back into their proper places


A closer look. Especially at the roots of the wire tree


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