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Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - 5 years

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - 5 years

Elm are a classic bonsai species with abundant tiny leaves and profusion of small branches. Ours are all imported from China where the trunks & branches have been patiently trained for several years. Chinese
Elms are cold hardy down to 20F or even lower when well protected from cold winds. While they prefer outdoor settings, they can be
displayed indoors for weeks at a time, as long as the they get ample light (natural or artificial with grow bulbs). Approximate age 5 years. Height 6" to 10." Each tree comes in a ceramic bonsai pot.NOTE: Though the photos are representative, they do not show the
exact bonsai you will receive. Each bonsai tree is slightly different, but
all are of similar quality.

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