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Green T Turntable Conversion Kit

Regular price $220.00

NEW, Kit to convert Green T Basic to Green T plus. Includes Plus Hydraulic Pump and Foot PedalA Green T Plus Bonsai Turntable will help you work on your bonsai trees more efficiently
and comfortably. In Japan hydraulic lift turntables have been the standard for years and now thanks
to professional researchers and the collaboration of well-known bonsai
professionals, we are able to offer you a tool inspired by the Japanese
turntable and improved in several details (including price). The square surface is 53 x 53cm (21 x 21 inches). This allows you to work on your largest trees and
your smallest trees. You can comfortably use the excess space to have
your tools easily accessible. Green T features a metal base with five-star support
(five horizontal 'legs') for maximum stability and a hydraulic foot
control lift that adjusts to a maximum height of 60cm (23.6 inches) and a
minimum of 43 cm (17 inches). This Square Top Basic Model is now only 355.00. This discounted price INCLUDES PACKING & SHIPPING in the Continental U.S. Made in Italy with expert workmanship and high quality materials. Easy assembly required. Comes with illustrated instructions and there are online instructions as well.

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