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Set of Five Bonsai Care Products

Set of Five Bonsai Care Products

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These five high quality products will go a long way in assuring your bonsai are healthy and vibrant.

Micro Total (8 oz) provides complete micro nutrients which are essential for health.

0-10-10 (8 oz) is good for lencouraging a range of helpful processes; including reducing pine needle lengths, encouraging flower buds to set, helping to provide winter protection and more.

Green Dream (1 lb bag) is an excellent slow-release, balanced organic fertilizer. NPK: 7:5:5

Jin Seal (4 oz) protects and beautifies attractive deadwood

Myconox (2 oz) replenishes the all important mycorrhizal fungi when you transplant.

With each of these excellent Ho Yoku products, a little bit goes a long ways.


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