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45th Gafu Ten Shohin Bonsai Exhibition


Bill Valavanis took this and the rest of today's photos at the 45th Gafu Ten Shohin Bonsai Exhibition. Bill is a very busy man who provides an endless stream of some of the world's best bonsai. Because it's impossible for him to do everything, some photos are without captions, including this one. So we'll leave it at that.

Between the flowers, the bark, and the pot there's a lot going on here.

A lot of trees Bill shot feature brilliant berries and fruit.

Stunning colors! Judging by the flowers I'm pretty sure it's a quince.

You don't see that many Westerners exhibiting in major Japanese shows, but inroads are being made. Roy Minarai lives and works in South Carolina.

It takes a strong tree to hold its own in such a brilliant pot.

I think you'd be safe guessing Japanese white pine for this one. By the way, Bill and many others refer to them as Japanese five needle pines, which is a translation of the the Japanese name Goyomatsu. And they do, after all, have five needles per bundle (fascile).

There's another one of these little lovelies above. My best guess is that both are dwarf Kumquats.

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