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A Bonsai First



I took the liberty of cropping this photo to better appreciate its strikingly powerful and expressive trunk. The tree is a Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidata) that belongs to Heinrich Hacker. The original photo is below.

Today’s photos are all from Bonsai-Club Deutschland. If memory serves (a 50-50 proposition at best) it’s a first for us. Anyway, I’m very impressed and imagine that you too will be impressed.


The whole tree in all its splendor. In addition to its aforementioned trunk you might notice how dense the canopy is. BTW, its size is listed as Oomono, which means large in Japanese



This cascading beauty with it's artistic, elegant trunk is a Korean hornbeam (Carpinus turczaninowii). It belongs to Ivo Drüge. The size is listed as Chuhin (medium to large)



Simple beauty in an exceptional pot. This could serve as a companion to a bonsai (it would have to be a very good one) or stand on its own.  It's a Aquilegia that belongs to Jean-Pierre Reitz. The pot is listed as Carlos Hebeisen-Takahama
Shohin display by Peter Schwarzer. No varieties are listed
Close up of part of Peter's display. Any of these trees could stand on its own

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