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A Bonsai Pirate Never Turns His Back


There and Back Again with a Cryptomeria- from Michael Hagedorn's Crataegus Bonsai blog 

The first annual Bonsai Bark prize for brilliance in writing as it pertains to bonsai, goes to…. Michael Hagedorn! 

If that were it, just writing about bonsai (albeit very skillfully), well good on ya Michael. But it doesn’t end there. Michael has something important to say about bonsai. Or more accurately, Michael has plenty of importance to say about bonsai. With depth, range and humor. A rare combination as it turns out

Today’s post is inspired by three of Michael’s Crataegus Bonsai posts. The rest is up to you...


On the lighter side... a three part series on the treachery of bonsai apprentices. The Dark Paths of Apprentices (in three parts)


‘Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly’—Mae West’s aphorism relates not only to Bonsai Heresy... ~New Book ‘Bonsai Heresy’ Nearing Completion~


At least you know Michael is talking about a book with this photo


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