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A High Degree of Bonsai Skill, Artistic Vision & No Lack of Deadwood at the Recent European Bonsai-San Show


sabinacuClose up of the intricate deadwood on a Sabina juniper (Juniperus sabina) that belongs to Xavier Massanet. You can see the whole tree below

Finally, some good photos from the recent European Bonsai-San Show! Salvatore Liporace was kind enough to post them on his timeline under the heading European Bonsai Show Saulieu Awards 2018!!!. No mention is made of which tree won which award, but Salvatore did bother to put up the names of the owners and the names of the trees, a real plus in our sometimes sketchy online universe, where these valuable pieces of information are often overlooked

By the way, Salatore Liporace is one of Europe’s most accomplished bonsai artists. Here’s a link to some Bark posts that feature his trees

Taxus baccata! Alberto Baleato Pumar

A deadwood feast. This European yew (Taxus baccata) belongs to Alberto Baleato Pumar. Speaking of deadwood, if there's one thing that ties all the trees shown here together, it's a profusion of deadwood. That and the high degree of skill and artistic vision they express


Pinus mugus. Nik Rozman

You can barely see the living vein on this Mugo pine (Pinus mug0). It belongs to Nik Rozman


Juniperus ito ! Guido Ice Pozzoli

Several things stand out on this highly refined Itoigawa juniper (Juniperus chinensis Itoigawa). The complex movement of the trunk which is so well framed by the foliage, and the highly contrasted and perfectly finished living wood and deadwood. This along with the refined foliage add up to a highly stylized tree. Too stylized? I don't think so, but I'm sure there are people out there who do


Juniperus sabina. Xavier Massanet

Xavier Massanet's Sabina juniper (see the lead photo above).



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