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A Rare Bonsai Treat from Pierre Leloup


Today we've got a rare treat for your from our old friend Pierre Leloup (via Michael Hagedorn).

Here's one of Pierre Leloup's amazing constructions. This and the others below are from Michael Hagedorn's Crataegus Bonsai blog. 

Pierre with one of his masterpieces. Now you can appreciate just how large it is. 

Here's part of what Michael Hagedorn wrote about Pierre' Leloup's visit to Crataegus Bonsai. 

Pierre Leloup visited the Crataegus Bonsai garden last month, along with other friends from Quebec, Canada. Pierre is a designer whose interests range from Japanese gardens to commercial design. 

While talking of our various bonsai projects, Pierre brought out his phone and showed me some of his older bonsai. I tried to see them on the small screen, fascinated by their ingenuity and complexity. 

These three photos show Pierre at play in his workshop in southern Quebec, not far from us here in northern Vermont. In fact, I have had the privilege of visiting Pierre and admiring his work, as well as his workshop, house, gardens and his bonsai collection. All of which express his highly accomplished artist/craftsman's touch. 

Here's one more of Pierre's large bonsai/landscape plantings. 

A piece of a Japanese-style garden by Pierre Leloup. We are now branching out to his gardens, ceramics, suiseki and even a little interior design. 

Ceramics for bonsai and beyond bonsai are part of Pierre's many artistic endeavors...

...As is interior design. 

The front entrance of Pierre's property near Sherbrooke Quebec. 

Suiseki by Pierre. He also makes his own daiza (the wooden suiseki stands). 

Another of Pierre's suiseki with daiza. 

Part of an interior design by Pierre. 

A piece of a garden at a client's house. 

One more suiseki with a rather unusual daiza. 

Screen by Pierre. 

Pierre Leloup. 


We featured Pierre Leloup back in 2016 on Bonsai Bark. You can read that blog post here

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