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A Rising Bonsai Star


This Rocky Mountain Juniper was designed in class at Todd Schlafer's First Branch Bonsai. Here's Todd's caption: I wasn’t sure exactly how this tree would look when we started designing it, but I knew it was going to be special. I love how this tree turned out with the collaboration and input from students.

We're featuring Todd Schlafer's trees today. Todd is a rising star in our bonsai world and has become something of a regular here since we discovered him three or four years ago. It's not hard to tell why he keeps popping up.

A closer look.

This Rocky mountain juniper was recently worked by a student at Todd's First Branch Bonsai.

Todd likes to shoot closeups which can add a lot to our appreciation of a tree.

Another Rocky mountain juniper. Here's Todd's comment with this one: Rocky Mountain juniper - Recently worked on by Ralph Padilla, then @tommylee and I worked on it during his recent visit.


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