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American Bonsai – The Kennett Collection



Fantastic tree! It belongs to Doug Paul (Mr. Kennett Collection). This photo is from the famous Kokufu Exhibition in Tokyo. It's a great honor to have a tree accepted to Kokufu; only a handful of North Americans have had that honor

Continuing with our lead up to the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition, today we’ve got a few photos from Doug Paul’s Kennett Collection, no doubt one of the foremost bonsai collections in North America. The collection – with the exception of any trees Doug keeps in Japan -resides in Kennett Square PA.

Our Warehouse will be open this week, but Ric will be on his own and he’ll need to cover customer service as well as packing and shipping, etc, so shipping might be a little slower than usual. Don’t worry though, we’ll catch up the following week. Meanwhile, we’ve got a new Fall Potting special for you…


This impressive exposed-root tree is a Trident maple. The leaves are dead giveaway

If you’d like to learn more about the Kennett Collection, you can visit their facebook timeline or their website. I’m scrambling with final preparations for the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition, so I won’t bother to research the types of trees shown here (the facebook photos don’t say), but I will make some semi-educated guesses



I don't know what this multi trunk beast is, but I'm very impressed by the nebari



This would be an impressive tree even without the brilliant leaves. Speaking of, have you ever seen such bright yellow and red leaves on the same tree at the same time? Some of the sugar maples around here (Vermont) do that in the fall, but maybe not quite as brightly contrasted as these leaves (almost looks shopped a bit)



Japanese maple. Another colorful display



How often do you see a formal upright Azalea? I think the trunk is the result of bundling a bunch of saplings (whips) together

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