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Who Says Bonsai Is Addicting? - What's Your Backyard Look Like?


The more I look at this photo by Caleb Clemena, the more I see. So many different levels, surface materials, types of plants, etc. And then there's the macro environment. Based on what we can see and how far along the plants are (assuming the photo is recent) I'm placing it in somewhere with a mild climate...

Continuing our long time series on backyard bonsai (the first was in 2009), here's what Caleb Clemena wrote about the photo above... "Our backyard bonsai haven. I still have empty space up the steps right by the storage shed. Hmmm...
"Who says bonsai is addicting? I won't be surprised if my wife stages an intervention. 🤣🤣🤣
"Kidding aside, she loves my hobby...whenever she needs me, she knows where to find me."

Here are a few more backyards that I borrowed from our archives... 

I like it when people offer a peek into their inner worlds. It's a generous act. This one belongs to Zdenek Svoboda. Zdenek lives in  Skalica Slovakia, a place that's a mystery to me


Harmut Muenchebach's brilliant Bavarian backyard bonsai garden. It wouldn't be hard to indulge in a little envy here, but better to just enjoy


This isn’t necessarily the best shot of this garden.
I picked it because I think the mountain in the background
gives a good sense of place (somewhere in Italy).
It belongs to Antonio Gesualdi. From a post we did in 2011

Another shot of Antonio Gesualdi's garden. Perhaps a little more seductive than the shot above


Okay. I know it's spring, but I couldn't resist all the fall color in Harvey Carapella's backyard.
I borrowed this shot from Bill Valavanis' timeline, Here's what Bill wrote about it... "Enjoy the colorful bonsai garden of Harvey Carapella. His outstanding private bonsai collection is a joy to appreciate, especially at this time of year. I'm quite proud of my friend's bonsai talent and accomplishments. WOW!" 


 Here's your link to Caleb on Internet Bonsai Club


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