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Backyard Bonsai #17



I like it when people offer a peek into their inner worlds. It's a generous act. This one belongs to Zdenek Svoboda. Zdenek lives in  Skalica Slovakia, a place that's a mystery to me

Picking up our Backyard Bonsai series with a visit to Zdenek Svoboda in Slovakia (via his timeline on fb). There are plenty more great photos where these came from. If my count is correct, this is our 17th backyard display. Our first was Wolfgang Putz’ yard, in May, 2009

By the way, if you have a bonsai display in your backyard, we’d love to see it



Zdenek has some impressive bonsai sprinkled around his yard. We can tell it's a pine, but no variety is given



Another view



Ficus benjimina



You can see a piece of the house in this one. Including the glassed in nook with a good view of the yard



Looks like a clump style Japanese white pine



On more view. There are more on Zdenek's timeline



The artist at work

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