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Bonsai Before & After, a Powerful Old Pine that Could Use a Little Help


Before and after Mugo pine (Pinus mugo) by Pavel Slovák. Pavel doesn't say, but like the one we posted last week, this one looks like  a yamadori (bonsai collected from the wild) 

Just over a week ago we posted another before and after Mugo pine by Pavel Slovák. This one is much more compact with a dense contorted trunk that tells a story of long harsh years spent somewhere on a rugged mountainside


  A closer look at the before photo. The branches are rangy and will need to be reduced and there's also that aforementioned trunk that makes a strong statement about the tree's wild origins, but something that Pavel decided could use some help  


After. I think the new planting angle will be an improvement, though it's not that easy to tell how it will look until it's in its new pot.
Pavel's solution to the dense contorted trunk was to hide parts of it with foliage. You can still see enough to appreciate its years and power, but it's a bit softer this way. An elegant solution


Cropped for a closer look


With the proud artist. Trees almost always look smaller than they are until you see them with something (or someone) to provide scale

For more of Pavel's bonsai you can visit him here 

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