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Bonsai Stempede & You Don’t Need to Remove ALL the Wire



Stampede. This photo is from Michael Hagedorn's Crataegus Bonsai blog. It was taken just after restyling by Micheal and friends. The tree is a Ponderosa pine. The story of its name 'Stampede' is in a caption below (second photo down)

Two for one. I wanted to show you a post about removing wire that Michael Hagedorn put up on his Crataegus Bonsai blog recently. Problem is, we need a good lead photo of a bonsai for all our posts (don’t ask, it’s just the way we’ve always done it) and Michael doesn’t provide one in his removing wire post. So I picked some photos and text from a post Michael did on styling a  Ponderosa pine not too long ago. Here’s you link to each of the two posts: You Don’t Need to Remove ALL the Wire, and ‘Stampede’ Ponderosa Pine Styling…
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Here's Michael's photo from You Don't Need to Remove ALL the Wire. And here's some of his text on the topic... "Fall is a good time to check on what wires may be biting in on the branches. If you see some, don’t go for the default of taking it all off. That is very often a simple waste of your past work, the work you did putting it on."


Here's closeup of the Ponderosa trunk. And here's what Michael wrote about this tree's strange name... "There’s a story about the name ‘Stampede’. The Backcountry Bonsai guys enjoy naming the trees they collect, and having received several with memorable names I asked if this Ponderosa Pine had one. I only got an abbreviated version by text and maybe not the full story, but I gather it involved some galloping extraterrestrials or horned animals that were shooed away by Steve Varland, saving the pine’s life. Dust cloud from retreating herd of mysterious animals…mountain peaks…a man bent over, worrying over an old tree…you can sort of see the ageless moment there. And the name Stampede was born."


The trunk even closer...

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