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Bonsai Boon in Spring and Autumn


Today's photos all came to us via Bonsai Boon Manakitivipart's FB timeline. They're from an event hosted by Shibuya Spring and Autumn and held at Tokyo's Ueno Green Club from April 22 to 24. No information on the tree is listed.

A look at the venue.

Looks like the vendor's section was held outdoors. That small figure on the right looks like it might be Kimura, though I can't be sure.

Speaking of Kimura, this looks like it might be one of his famous Shimpaku on a constructed rock. Again, no information is given, so we can't be sure.

Another piece of the venue.

No name, but easy enough to tell what this one is.

Display with scroll and companions.

This one must be a Trident maple.

Another wild Wisteria.

If you can take your eyes of the Wisteria for a moment, you might notice the Herculean trunk on the Pine.

Boon at home.

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