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Brilliant Bonsai Garden from the Front this Time



Today it's Harmut Muenchebach's spectacular front yard. Yesterday it was the back

This bonsai garden is so exceptionally beautiful that I’d feel remiss not showing you the other side. This post originally appear here in May of last year

We were going to move on from yesterday’s post until I stumbled upon the photos shown here. Now our picture of Hartmut Muenchenbach’s magical Bavarian bonsai garden is a little closer to complete. Though the photos here are by Walter Pall and Jennifer Price (just like yesterday’s), we found them at a place called Bonsai Mag



The happy bonsai/landscape artist in his rather amazing front yard


har2When I first saw the photos above and the ones from yesterday, it was the landscaping that caught me. It was clear that Harmut's bonsai collection was impressive, but to my eye his bonsai graced his landscapes. Now, after seeing more photos and taking a closer look, it's obvious that Harmut is in possession of an very large and significant bonsai collection and though it's true that his bonsai grace his landscapes, it's equally true that his landscapes serve to present his bonsai...



... and ultimately, the two are one... a masterful work of horticultural art

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