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Buckstone's Bonsai Beauties


This Korean Hornbeam is  12" tall x 11" wide. It was originally collected (no location is given but it must have somewhere in Asia) and Imported. The pot is by Horst Heinzlreiter, a long time favorite on Bonsai Bark. Speaking of, you might notice how the pot and tree look like they were made for each other. I wonder if Horst first saw the tree and then made the pot. I cropped the original photo (see below) for a closer look at the pot and trunk

Earlier today I did a post on a Colorado blue spruce that belongs to Loren Buxton of buckstonebonsai. While I was there two other trees jumped off the screen and straight into that place in my heart and mind where we hold beauty. Maybe you’ll share my appreciation 


The original photo of the tree above 

By the way, today is the first day we've featured Loren Buxton's bonsai. I'm always a little stoked when I discover heretofore unbeknownst (to me that is) quality bonsai and bonsai artists


I cropped this one too. It's another Korean Hornbeam and considerably bigger  (18" x 18") and more muscular than the one above. It was also collect and imported. The pot is by Jack Hoover


The original photo 


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