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Bunjin Bonsai - a Happy Joining of Natural Simplicity & Human Appreciation


Before and after Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora) by Naoki Maeoka

Continuing with our Literati/ Bunjin theme. Due to its long somewhat narrow trunk with no low branching, many people might call this pine bunjin. The only thing that might give pause is the relatively heavy, robust crown. Most bunjin reflect hostile growing conditions and sport only sparse foliage

In a broader sense, some people see bunjin as the most perfect expression of bonsai. Completely natural and simple, even humble. And of course, helped along with skilled human hands and eyes. So I think this one qualifies and even if it doesn't, well... maybe it does anyway

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Before. The original photo


The original after photo. The trunk's strong base, irregular and understated flowing lines work to perfection. And the highly evolved refinement, give it away as Japanese rather than Penjing.


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