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Buttonwood Bonsai


Here's a Buttonwood with some exceptionally rugged and dynamic deadwood. That tree and the deadwood are courtesy of Mother Nature and Robert Kempinski.

We're featuring few dynamic Buttonwoods for your enjoyment today. But please don't think you can run down to Florida and dig your own. There was a time you could do that, but it's long since illegal.

This one belongs to Mary Madison. John Naka called her the Buttonwood Queen. The tree's name, Senru (Mystical Dragon) was also bestowed by Mr Naka, a man who in the course of long and illustrious life, displayed many talents (including naming). This photo and the story are from Bonsai Mary.

One of our favorites. We've shown this now famous Buttonwood by Ed Trout several times over the years. The sad news about this beautiful tree is that it was stolen in 2008, and as far as I know, was never recovered.

I found this monster by Jim Smith in the Of Bonsai Magazine. I couldn’t find any dimensions, but the article on Buttonwoods that accompanies the photo is very thorough. BTW: Jim Smith was an original American tropical bonsai guru.

Robert Kempinski again. From the Art of Bonsai Project.

This wildly unique tree could only be a buttonwood. Also by Robert Kempinski from the Art of Bonsai Project.

This Buttonwood is the cover tree for Enrique Castano's Botany for Bonsai (out of print).

Here's another one by Enrique Castano.

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