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Tamarack (and Other Wild Larches) Make Great Bonsai


American Larch (Larix laricina - aka Tamarack) by 'Larch Master' Nick Lenz. Unlike the Western U.S., we don't have that many natives here in the Northeast that are suitable for bonsai. But we do have our lovely larches. One of the best

Buds just started breaking here about ten days ago and I've been digging, planting and transplanting ever since like a mad bonsai fanatic. Almost all are American larches (Larix laricina - aka Tamarack), with a few others sprinkled in. I'll get around to taking and posting some photos someday. Meanwhile, we'll lean on a couple genuinely talented bonsai artists


European larches (Larix decidua) in training by Francois Jeker. If you recognize the name, it might be because Francois is the author of three excellent bonsai books (Bonsai Aesthetics, Bonsai Aesthetics 2 and Bonsai Deadwood)


Another famous American larch by Nick Lenz. This time in full fall color. BTW, this tree is massive. Much bigger than it looks in this photo


Inspiration for your bonsai. The photo originally came from Bonsaimania.

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