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Eight Great Bonsai Monsters, Plus One, from Suthin Sukosolvisit


It has been too long since we last featured our old friend, Suthin Sukosolvisit, on Bonsai Bark. We'll call this post eight magnificent monsters plus one. 

This beautiful beast with its rugged trunk and luminous foliage belonged to Suthin when this photo was taken. Based on his caption, I believe it was sold to someone who was going to pick it up at the U.S. National. "Shimpaku 'Itoigawa' Tree's height: 39 inches... Pick up at US. National show in Rochester, NY."

Looks like this old Trident maple is swallowing its rock. A bit like a python with prey, only much slower and the rock doesn't really care. 

Another Trident maple root-over-rock. I think of the hundreds of root-over-rock bonsai I've seen, ninety percent have been Tridents. 

In addition to so many being so impressively huge, Tridents can also turn on spectacular fall color. By the way, do you think the trunk is really that massive or is there a big rock in there?

All that color is hiding the trunk. 

Nice pot that complements the smooth rounded lines of the tree. 

Those little plastic covers are protecting the fertilizer from hungry birds. 

I think this one might have a rock in there. Though it's hard to tell for sure. 

Here's one that's not a monster. But impressive enough anyway.


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