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Sheer Bonsai Power & Character at the Famous Kokufu Exhibition


Shear power and character. It's a Saghalien spruce, as are all three trees in this post

The spruce of Hokkaido and the northern islands of Japan (and Russia) are renowned for their aged bark, small needles, adaptability to bonsai culture and overall beauty. This time it's four Saghalien spruce (Picea glenhii), which are sometimes confused with Ezo spruce (Picea jezoensis), though they are two distinct species
Continued below... 


A closer look at the trunk...

Continued from above...
Picea jezoensis versus Picea glehni. If you are interested and would like to explore the differences between these two spruce species, here's a link you might find helpful


... and closer still (apologies for the fuzz)



Another rugged trunk. This time it's full cascade style (the lowest point of the tree is below the bottom of the pot)


  A closer look at the trunk


Slanting style


A closer look


 Like the tree at the top, this one is an informal upright

 For more great photos from Kokufu and elsewhere, visit Kazumatsu Bonsai


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