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A Famous Juniper Bonsai Before & After


Back on the leash. This is a good example of a maintenance before and after. The basic shape has long been established and refined and now after a period of unrestrained growth* it's time to bring it back into shape 

The following quote is Tyler Sherrod recalling this famous tree from his apprentice days with Shinji Suzuki...
"This memory popped up from 4 years ago. Probably the best Needle juniper in the world. It resides at Shinji Suzuki's Bonsai Nursery in Obuse, Japan. It's this time of year, when the new growth has hardened off, that we cut back these junipers. Tweezers are used to comb out the long foliage, then the "painstaking" task of cutting them back into profile. What a pleasure it was to be in the presence of this ancient tree"


This original before shot provides a peek into a Japanese bonsai workshop. I'm particularly impressed with the microwave and cups arrangement



After. In all its glory

The photos and quote in this post were borrowed from Tyler Sherrod's fb timeline

*periodically letting an established bonsai 'off the leash' so it can regain its vitality, is important for long term health


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