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Hagedorn Hemlock, And Others


I could probably say something, but maybe it's best to quote the artist, Michael Hagedorn by the way, and leave it at that: Mountain Hemlock after its yearly trim. This is a big one—5’6”, taking 2-4 people with poles and straps to lift. Visit it at the Portland Japanese Garden, in the hidden terrace up the stairs of the main building…like many things there, it’s like a treasure hunt. Full story on my blog; link on my profile.

i picked up today's photos off Michael's FB timeline. There's no caption with this one so we'll leave it that way.

Michael's caption: Climbing Hydrangea, an unusual vine for bonsai. This one was grown from a cutting since 1962. It’s fun (and an honor) to have it in the garden.

A shot from Michael's bonsai garden.

Another one.

Michael has a thing about companion plants (aka accent plants). Though when they stand alone you wouldn't really call them companions. The Japanese call them kusamono. Here's quote from Young Choe, a master of the art: The name is composed of two Japanese characters-- “grass” and “thing”—which together suggest humble, everyday plants.

Impressive planting. Looks like some kind of Horsetail fern.

I know for a fact that Michael has a soft spot for Chojubai quince. I think many Japanese share that soft spot, so Michael may have picked it up when he apprenticed in Japan.

Pine bark and needles close up. Looks like a two needle type pine. Probably a Japanese black or maybe a Japanese red.

Satuski azaleas at the famous Portland (Oregon) Japanese garden. I don't know if you would call Michael the curator of the bonsai there, but I believe that he the main person responsible for maintaining their beauty and well being.

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