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Another Before & After Bonsai by Harry, plus One


Before and after Pfitzeriana Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘Pfitzeriana’) by Harry Harrington. Height (including jin) 18”/45cm, overall width 21”/53cm

Our last post featured a before and after Hornbeam by Harry Harrington. It came out fine on our blog, but on facebook, where many of your pick up on our posts, the photo only showed a portion of the crown.
No trunk, no pot, just leaves (fb crops as they please, if please is the right word for a machine driven process)

Anyway, I wanted to try again with another before and after that I think will work better on fb. So here it is, another excellent B&A by Harry Harrington

By the way and just for the fun of it, we included a bonus tree by Harry that I think you'll like (see below)


Here's Harry's caption for this photo... "The tree yesterday after work was completed, on a very hot summer’s evening in my garden."

After, a closer look


Your bonus tree with Harry's caption... "An update on the Olea sylvestris/wild Olive that I defoliated and styled during a demo at the Middlesex Bonsai Society Show 6 weeks ago. Now coming back into leaf and popping plenty of new buds.
Height 12"/30cm (total height), 7"/18cm-9"/22cm trunk base."


I cropped the original for a closer look 

There's a lot more where these came from on Harry's fb timeline 

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