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Master of Small Bonsai


Shohin Juniper by Haruyosi. I believe this and the others show here are Itoigawa junipers (Juniperus chinensis var Itoigawa), but don't quote me. They could be Shimpaku (Juniperus chinensis var Shimpaku), a very close cousin. So close, that Itoigawa are sometimes referred to as Itoigawa Shimpaku 

Want to be inspired to try your hand at Shohin bonsai (small bonsai)? You could do lot worse than taking a close look at Haruyosi's trees for starters

Haruyosi has long been a favorite here on bark. both for his trees and his pottery. In fact, I believe that he might make all of his own pots


The shot above is a piece of this little gem







 Here's a link for more of Haruyosi little masterpieces

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