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Spring Bonsai Flowers by Haruyosi


We don't usually show trees in growing pots, but these four quince in bloom are too good to pass up. Haruyosi will remove the flowers before he puts them in bonsai pots (see below)

We haven't visited Haruyosi for a while. He's one of our favorites and there's no better time than spring to reintroduce him. All the pots shown here are also his. 


The evidence


 Four more quince almost ready for potting


Here's an already potted quince in display at a spring bonsai show in Japan. Nice pot too, also by Haruyosi. I don't think he makes his own stands and slabs, but I wouldn't be surprised


You don't see that many Forsythia bonsai


 Flowering cherry. An iconic tree in Japan (but you already knew that)


Another flowering cherry


One of Haruyosi's pots. As with his bonsai, his pot production is impressive. In numbers and quality

Want more? You can find Haruyosi on fb

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