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How Did He Do That? A Mind Bending Before and After Bonsai


This very impressive before and after Juniper is by Gabriel Romero Aguade. I could find no mention of the type of juniper, nor how much time elapsed between the two shots.

It might take a few moments to figure out what happened here. At least that’s what it took me. It’s not that the basic concept is that difficult with a little imagination. A few twists and turns (body and mind) might help too. Some digging also. And of course the experience and skills to pull it all off.

I won’t say much more except hats off to Gabriel Romero Aguade. A bonsai artist who has been pulling off these kinds of things for about as long as we’ve been blogging. In fact, if you look through our archives, you’ll find more of Gabriel’s artistry on display.

Before. In repose.

After. Standing up.

I found these two photos on FB

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