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Imported & Home Grown Bonsai - Compliments to Luis Vallejo


Luis Vallejo calls this Yama momji Japanese maple. Yama is mountain and momiji is Japanese maple (Acer palmatum). This and the other trees shown here are from Luis' Museo de Bonsai Alcobendas in Spain

Setting the record straight...
In our last post I was completely wrong about the tree just below, and only half right on the next two. All three are Luis Vallejo's trees that were shown at the Trophy exhibition in Gent Belgium (the planting above also belongs to Luis, but has nothing to do with our post from two days ago)

Now thanks to Mariusz Komsta, I can set the record straight and wipe some of the egg off my face (my questionable comments are in red, and Mariusz' comments are in green)


If this planting looks familiar, it's because we just posted it the other day. However, I was mistaken when I wrote..."I don't know for sure if this one originally came from Japan, but I'd bet my estate -such as it is- that it did"  Fortunately Mariusz Janusz Komsta wrote the following to set me straight... "Fagus (beech) is a Spanish tree designed by Luis Vallejo and totally maintained and ramified at his Bonsái Museum" 
My apologies to Luis


Here's what I wrote about this one... "This Stewartia belongs to Luis Vallejo
and has Japan written all over it (it was imported from Japan to Spain). 
This is especially noticeable when you look at the fine ramification, 
a common feature of Japanese bonsai and the nebari (ditto).

And here's Mariusz'...  "
Stewartia was imported many years ago
and the branching was also developed at the museum


Here's what I wrote (no problem here so nothing in red) it's no surprise
that I chose this Juniper root-on-rock as well as the other two.
It originally belonged to Masahiko Kimura (The Magician) and was imported
to Spain by Luis Vallejo. Here's what Mariusz wrote...
uniperus is imported but as with the other trees,
all the ramification was developed in Spain


 Blue skies and bonsai at Luis Vallejo's Museo de Bonsai near Madrid

Here's your link to more of Luis Vallejo's bonsai at his Bonsai museum

 And here's your link to Mariusz' fb pages

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