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A New Bonsai Dream


A real eye catcher. If you've been around bonsai for a while you'll most likely start looking for and appreciating trees with unusual designs and dramatic features, like this one. However, it does beg a question... is that wood or a man made rock?

We're always on the lookout for unusual trees and we're also looking for new and creative ideas and expressions in general. Not that old isn't good (it is bonsai after all) but new ideas, new venues, new artists, new species for bonsai, etc, can create a little excitement. Especially if the chops are there

In this case it's Mauro Stemberger's ItalianBonsaiDream Museum, and his chops are there in spades. We've been following Mauro and his Italian Bonsai Dream for years, but this is the first we've seen or heard of his museum
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I won't guess if this is a Yew (they're an abundant tree in European bonsai). T

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Here's a link to our source, Mauro's facebook timeline, here's one to his Italian Bonsai Dream website and here's a youtube video of his Museum that you might like


Part of the Museum is in a greenhouse and there's an outdoors too


 Fresh spring pine candles on a coiled snake


The pine looks good and the beast on the right speaks for itself

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