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A Rising Star in Our Bonsai Universe


One of a kind. This dynamic Juniper may not be yet fully refined, but it already demands our attention. Here's Jennifer's caption "Great weekend with Mauro Stemberger. Learned learned a ton, laughed a lot and had a great time. Thank you Mauro..."

Need a little more incentive to get off the couch and head over to the Mid Atlantic Spring Bonsai Festival this coming weekend (April 12-14)? Jennifer Price, a rising star in our bonsai universe is one of the headliners. Take a look at the schedule, it's not too late to make your plans

Here's Jennifer's caption for this rugged old yamadori ... "Ponderosa pine after first styling in my collection. My friend and artist Mariusz Folda made this pot (below) - super combination. Thank you Mariusz and Walter Pall."


For more on Jennifer and here bonsai here's a link to her timeline 

Mariusz Folda's pot


I borrowed this photo of Jennifer from ABC Do Bonsai


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