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Juniper Bonsai Before & After (Antes y Despues)


Before and after Itoigawa juniper (Juniperus chinesis 'itoigawa') by David Benavente. It helps to start with a powerful tree. Still, this takes nothing away from the considerable skills of an artist like David Benavente. In fact, bringing a great tree back to shape and taking it to the next level requires considerable skill and experience

Still traveling so we'll take the easy way out and borrow from our archives. This one last appeared in 2018

Today’s Itoigawa juniper is one of several remarkable Before & Afters (Antes y Despues) that David Benavente posted several years ago. By the way, if you’re confused about the the differences between Itoigawa, Kishu and Shimpaku junipers? Nebari Bonsai can help shed some light (the link is below)


One of changes that stands out, is the way the crown has been refined and lowered; exposing more of the remarkable 'flaming' deadwood above. This also frames and draws your eye to the powerful swirl of deadwood in the center of the tree.

Here's your link to Nebari Bonsai

Here's your link to more by David Benavente

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