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Splendid Larch Bonsai with Value Added & Something Unexpected


This splendid European  larch (Larix decidua) is one of several notable bonsai posted by Marco Merschel. Though there's no information with the photos about who Marco is, or even where he lives, it's clear the trees are his

Just one bonsai today, but it's a good one. And even though the tree is spectacular enough to deserve a post all its own, we've got some value added photos and info for you. Especially if you lean towards dendrology or contemporary paintingThe base of the trunk with its distinctive sabamiki and some freshly carved wood


Same tree in the spring with its fresh foliage. Larch is one of only a handful of deciduous conifers in the world (exactly how many there are, depends on who you talk to and how they classify)  


This full fall color display of European larches is from Wikipedia. The color is more orange (at least in this photo) than the bright yellows you see with our American larch (Larix laricina, aka Tamarack)

Here's a quote borrowed from Wikipedia...
"Larix decidua, the European larch, is a species of larch native to the mountains of central Europe, in the Alps and Carpathian Mountains as well as the Pyrenees, with disjunct lowland populations in northern Poland and southern Lithuania. Its life span has been confirmed to be close to 1000 years (with claims of up to 2000 years) but is more often around 200 years"...I'm not sure about this. 200 years average life span with individual trees living to 1,000 to 2,000 years doesn't make a lot of sense 


Another larch shot from Wikipedia 


If you squint I think you can make out some trees. This is one of a number of paintings that Marco posted


For more of Marco Merschel's bonsai and paintings
you can visit him on Facebook

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