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Magnificent Pine Bonsai - Before & After


Yamaodri* Scots pine before and after by Mauro Stemberger. Here's Mauro's caption  "It's amazing what Time donates to our bonsai!!! Scots Pine ‘Godzilla’ 2019-2013. Personal collection"

I don't really have to say much about this tree. It's all there for your enjoyment and edification. Still, I can't help but notice and say how much difference starting with good stock can make. And how much difference the talent and eye of a highly accomplished bonsai artist call also make

*Yamadori is a bonsai that was originally collected in the wild. Mauro doesn't say that this magnificent tree is a yamadori, but you don't find nursery stock like this anywhere


The original before photo 


Magnificent! The original after photo


Mauro provides a little perspective on the tree's massive size. And then there's that little bird, just in case you missed it. You can see this tree and more on Mauro's fb timeline



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