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Superb Live Oak Bonsai, Two Sabamiki & a Sweet Deal


This superb tree came unidentified and I'm not sure who the artist/owner is. The leaves look like Live oak leaves and the bark is corky, so you might imagine it's a Quercus suber (a European oak that's the source of cork for wine bottles). By the way, you might notice just how small the pot is in relation to the tree (more on this below). The photo was posted by Eric Batllori Gomez. His caption reads Jean-Paul Polmans (it got complicated when I started following leads, so we'll leave the rest up to you).

Just two trees today. Both are live oaks that are native to the Mediterranean area, and each is quite impressive with a surplus of character and age.   

A little grainy but otherwise a decent look at the base of the trunk and the pot. A pot this small in relation to the size of the tree is usually just for shows or photos. As soon as it has served its purpose, the tree goes back into a larger pot that's more suitable for growing


A closer look at the magnificent trunk and bark
When you get this close, it's clear to see that the leaves are of they type you would expect on an live oak (live = evergreen)


Raffaele Perilli's Holm oak with Green T Turntable and tools


A closer look at the tree above. The heavy trunk and gnarled bark create an impression of great age and the two sabamiki (holes) add to this impression.


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