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More Tiny Trees from Our Mystery Bonsai Artist



A lot of age and character packed into such a small pot. I'm not sure what kind of tree it is. Perhaps and Ilex of some sort?

Continuing with our unknown artist’s tiny trees from the other day  and our love affair with small bonsai. A love affair that grows as we age (sooner or later old backs and heavy bonsai must part ways). There are no varieties listed, but some are easy. Others, not so much. Here’s your fb link for our source



The berries look like Pyracantha and so do the leaves



Japanese maple of course. The leaves are big for such a small tree, but it works anyway. Nice pot too



This one has a heavy trunk for such a small tree, with bark that lends a feeling of age


I'll guess boxwood on this one



Here's your fb link to our source of the photos show here. And here's a link to their website. I can't provide the name of the site because I can't read it, nor will this program accommodate the name in the text provided (on fb). However, we have this logo just above and this email address which does contain a name or two 

Winter is a great time to bone up on your bonsai studies


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