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Penjing Perfection One Year Later & the Upcoming 2020 Japan Bonsai Exploration



Putting a dead bonsai to good use. This and the other photos shown here were taken by Bill Valavanis

Our last post was from the 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition, now we've got some shots from this year's 5th Exhibition. All the photos in both posts are borrowed from Bill Valavanis' Welcome to My Bonsai World blog and they barely scratch the surface of the large number of exciting photos that Bill posted

 Because we want to encourage you to visit Bill's blog to see all the photos from Exhibition, I've pared Bill's photos down to just a few. focussing on individual Shohin bonsai and Shohin displays

Speaking of Bill and Shohin Bonsai, here's a reminder about his 2020 Shohin Bonsai Japan International Bonsai Exploration

I think I've seen this little Crabapple before. Or perhaps a close cousin?


The berries and leaves look like Cotoneaster


What a beautiful shohin display stand. The little trees aren't half bad either


Princess persimmon


Firethorn (Pyracantha) 


A rather unusual Shohin display stand. One of many distinctive stands that Bill features. Here's your link for them all and much more 


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