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Pushing Bonsai Boundaries with Peter Steven


There are always those pioneers who push the boundaries of any type art. Sometimes to the breaking point. Robert Steven is one of those pioneers and whether or not you like the results, my best guess is that, at the very least, your mind will be stopped for a moment or two.

This one and the two just below are from a show last summer Robert Steven created using his own mixed media bonsai. With a little help from his friends of course.


I like the story that this one tells. And the scale.


Hmmm. Unusual to say the least. Here's a quote by Robert that might go with this one. "Bonsai elites are those unconscious incompetence in bonsai, but you are idiotically fawning for their narcissism in cutting ribbons rather than how to handle bonsai tools " A little harsh for my taste, but given what Robert has accomplished over the years, maybe he's earned a pass. 


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