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Brilliant Bonsai Garden and Only a Touch of Envy


Here's the caption that came with the photos shown here...  "Visit to Hartmut Muenchenbach - Jennifer Price, Thomas Haering and WP (Walter Pall) visited Hartmut Muenchenbach - the legend. He lives in the very south of Germany in sight of the border to Austria."

Last year we featured a visit by Walter Pall and Jennifer Price to Hartmut Muenchenbach's bonsai garden. Recently Walter and Jennifer paid another visit. Most of the photos shown here are from this visit, though we threw in a couple from last year

Speaking of envy, it's best not to indulge. It only causes discontent. Still small flashes can arise and catch us unaware when we encounter something as beautiful as Hartmut's garden. No problem though, we'll take it as inspiration







Jennifer Price with camera





Hartmut, the legend 

All the photos shown here are from Walter Pall's timeline


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