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Flowering Bonsai - Satsuki Sensations


Three crowns and soft shades of pink. I'm pretty sure this style Satsuki is a first for me 

I think the Omiya Bonsai Museum stands at or near the top of Japanese and world bonsai. There are other great places for sure, but when it comes to pure quality and quantify, I think Omiya might be number one

Today it's Satsuki azaleas, but only a few. There are more where these came from


Here's one you could show without its flowers. Muscular trunks like this are not uncommon with Satsuki 


 I like the elegance of the tree on the right, though there's a whole lot more going on here. Shadows, vertical and horizontal lines, hues, thin trunks and of course brilliant flowers


If it wasn't peeking out at the top, you might not know that part of the trunk is rock




I love the size and shape of the feature tree in this display. At first glance I thought it might be the same as the one at top of this post. But only at a glance


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