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Simplicity, Elegance & More than a Little Skill…



Simplicity, elegance and more than a little skill is expressed in plantings like this and the one below. Often Penjing landscapes will include a whole range of items, both manmade and natural. In this case we have only three trees and what looks like three rocks, or rock clusters. And of course the elegant long thin white penjing tray (white trays are common, especially with waterscapes)

I found the two Penjing landscapes featured here on Pham Thái Bình’s timeline. It’s not clear who the artists are, though the caption for the one above says with Dang Nguyen Van, though there are reasons to believe Dang is not the artist
Continued below…


A closer look at the right side of the planting

Continued from above…
My apologies for the failure to accurately attribute, though we could ask Pham to share part of the responsibility. Pham is one of many people who posts without bothering to attribute. Normally we ignore them, but these plantings are too good to pass up, so the least we can do is to pass on our sources so that you can do your own investigating if you’d like



And the other side



The other Penjing tray planting. More detail than the one above, but still fairly simple and elegant. And then there's that magnificent towering rock



The left side. What's going on between with the little tree and rock just to the left of the man in the boat? We could try to blow it up even more for a closer look, but this closeup is already a little fuzzy, so I don't think it would work



The other side 

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