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Suthin’s Stupendous Sale and Your Invitation to the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition


This lovely Japanese quince is for sale on Suthin’s website.

We can’t go too long without featuring Suthin Sukosolvisit’s bonsai. He’s a favorite of ours and pretty much everyone else’s too. All but one of the trees shown here are (were?) for sale on Suthin’s website. It’s worth a click for sure (your link is below).

Speaking of Suthin, he’ll be at the U.S. National this September. It’s in Rochester and though it’ll take more than a click to get there, you will have to start with one (see below).

This is the one I wanted. Couldn’t wait to find the price and see if it fit my budget. But alas, when I made the quick journey from facebook to Suthin’s site, it was sold.

This one isn’t one the sale page, but no matter, it’s most def worth a look. I found it in a folder labeled ‘Suthin’ on my desktop and don’t remember if a variety was given, but the foliage is so tight it looks like it might be a Itoigawa juniper (very close cousin to shimpaku).

Chinese quince. Still for sale as of this moment (2:05 ET, March 18th, 20210).

Shohin Japanese black pine. Also still offered as of this moment.

The trees above are just to whet your appetite. There are more for sale on Suthin’s website.

And here's that link to the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition we promised you.

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