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The Bonsai of Mariusz Folda


Here's a good shot of what lookes like a Shimpaku juniper or close cousin (Kishu or Itoigawa). This and all the trees shown here are by Mariusz Folda.

It's been a while since we featured Mariusz's work. He's a long time favorite. Take a look and you'll see why we can't go too long without returning to his trees and gardens.

This impressive monster looks like it might be a Japanese white pine. Mariusz and plenty of other bonsai artists don't always identify their trees on FB, but some like this one are fairly obvious.

A little taste of late spring color, This azalea (most likely a Satsuki variety) would be a powerful bonsai with or without its flowers. Nice pot too. Mariusz is also a potter so perhaps this one is his.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this pine before. The clusters look like five needles, so Japanese white pine might be a good guess.

Here a lovely twin trunk deciduous tree with familiar looking leaves. We'll leave it at that (your guess is as good as mine).

Another deciduos tree. This time with compound leaves.

One of many excellent pots by Mariusz from his FB photos.

And a little piece of his garden. Scroll down for a link to more by Mariusz Folda.

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