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The Last Of The North American Collection


Saving the best California juniper for last? (see below for the previous two). So much muscle and such dynamic flow at the same time is rare and precious. Like brightly polished gold. It has been in training since 1989 and was donated by Sze-ern Kuo in 2012.

Today is the last day for The North American Collection. Just a few this time, but stayed tuned, Japanese trees are coming!

Here's the caption with this lovely Bougainvillea: Even though Bougainvillea is a vine, it can be grown as a bonsai by continually pruning the long growth. This one has been in training since 1985 and was donated by Harold M Harvey in 1990.

The twist in the lower trunk on this English hawthorn was shaped with wire when the plant was a young seedling. It's been in training since 1955 and was donated by Bertram Bruenner in 1990.

This Prostrate juniper was nursery grown, so if you surmise that the artist created the deadwood for effect, you'd be correct. It has been in training since 1969 and was gifted by Kaz and Kiyo Yoneda in 1990.

Last but not least. This windblown Chinese elm forest has been in training since 1970 and was donated by Marybel Balendonck in 1990.

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