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Before & After Bonsai - Todd's Limber Pine (plus notes on a 3,000 year old tree)


Here's Todd Schlafer's caption for this tree... "Limber Pine - Another tree I’ve had for many years"

I got interested in this tree because you just don't see that many Limber pine bonsai. Especially back here in the Northeast (they grow in the mountains of the west). Also, I've been following Todd Schlafer for a while and enjoy what he's been up to
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I like the natural grey-white color of the bark. Though it's important to apply lime sulfur to deadwood in order to help prevent rot, it never looks quite right when it's fresh and the wood is bright white (you can never completely stop deadwood from rotting but you can slow it way down with proper treatment). 

Continued from above...
Pinus flexilis
, the limber pine, occurs in the mountains of the Western United States, Mexico, and Canada. It is also called Rocky Mountain white pine.

One of the world's oldest living Limber Pines grows on the banks of the upper North Saskatchewan River at Whirlpool Point in Alberta. Recent measurements give a maximum girth of 185". In 1986 a core sample 10 cm was retrieved by two researchers who counted 400 rings. Extrapolating this data gives an age close to 3000 years


If you'd like to see more of what Todd is up to, here's your link to his Facebook timeline


A not very good Wikipedia photo of a Limber pine in nature.
(I'm a big fan of Wikipedia and I don't really a want to insult them,
especially knowing they are dependent on what people offer)


On the outside chance that you care, here's the Limber pine range
(from Wikipedia)



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