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Where in the World?



No caption with this one, but it looks a lot like three Shimpaku junipers growing on a precariously balanced stone, with small ground cover plants and moss

Back to Bill Valavanis’ Japan journey. Today we’ll show you some of his photos from 2018 38th Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition. Just bear in mind that these photos are mere drops in the bucket (Bill is a busy fellow), so it might not be a bad  idea for you to click over to his blog and treat yourself to a whole lot more. And you also might enjoy a more whimsical view of Bill’s  journey with some lighthearted shots titled Where in the World is Bill (on his FB timeline)
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ends in two days




A profusion of brilliant red Cotoneaster berries

Continued from above…
Here’s part of what Bill wrote about the Exhibition… “The crowds are large in the morning each day, then they die down after lunch time. Over 10,000 visitors are expected which is a bit larger than in the past exhibitions under the leadership of Shinji Suzuki, chairman for the event. There were several foreign tour groups from Germany, Italy and other European countries. Often they go through the exhibition then on to the sales area. But occasionally I’ve seen some foreigners actually studying the bonsai and photographing.


A rough and tumble bonsai. No caption and I can't tell for sure what it is, but judging by the bark and the foliage, it could be an Ezo spruce


This sturdy little Japanese black pine may be my favorite of all the ones shown here, though the competition is stiff.


Hard to mistake a Camillea in bloom


The tree is a Korean hornbeam and the leaves in the scroll look a lot like Sumac


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