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Diving for Bonsai


Zhong Quan Shi's machine translated caption with this tree... "Cypress... sometimes I do a particular exploration." For me, it brings to mind a sea bird diving for fish

We've got another 'new' (to me) bonsai artist. HIs name is Zhong Quan Shi. Mr Zhong is from China and new resides in Italy. His bonsai speak for themselves


 This Sabina juniper has the same sharp downward thrust as the tree just above


A gravity bound juniper that stands in contrast to the two trees above. Zhong's caption...   "I try to praise nature by creating bonsai..." The more I look at this one, the more I feel that it's a little unbalanced with the mass of the tree and almost all the movement to the left.  Perhaps the weight of the pot is enough counter balance?


 No caption with this one...


Zhong's caption with this delicate Literati reads... "A small Mugo pine tree...
personally expressing a clear understanding of the shape of the bonsai tree
that represents.. simplicity, wisdom, and science..."
 Though I'm sure others must exist, I don't think I've ever seen a literati Mugo


Looks like an Olive tree. Zhong's own words again... "I can imagine the abundant sunlight, the fertile soil and the wind blowing from the sea in the shape of a tree......... my impression of the Mediterranean." 


Cropped and blown up for a closer look at the gnarled old trunk


 Shohin Cotoneaster (no caption with this one)


I couldn't resist. Zhong's caption... "Lake Heron...


Here's your link to Zhong Quan Shi on Facebook  


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