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Modern Bonsai Practice, 501 Principles of Good Bonsai Horticulture

Modern Bonsai Practice, 501 Principles of Good Bonsai Horticulture

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Modern Bonsai Practice, 501 Principles of Good Bonsai Horticulture is a revolutionary breakthrough in the science of bonsai that separates myth from fact.

A must read if you want to bring your bonsai practices up to date. As a special bonsai it features a gallery of the great Walter Pall's bonsai

Horticultural scientist Larry Morton has put together the first bonsai book that focuses on what we now know about growing plants and applying that knowledge to bonsai.

This clear, concise and exceptionally thorough book, will provide a lifetime of knowledge for any bonsai enthusiast who wants to learn and keep on learning with common sense answers that separate myth from fact with depth and detail.

Struggling bonsai enthusiasts will have their problems resolved, while experienced practitioners will fine tune and improve their art

Hardcover. 8 1/4" x 10 1/4" (21 x 26 cm). 344 pages.
Includes over 150 color photos of Walter Pall's bonsai


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