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The Art of Bonsai Creation, Care and Enjoyment

The Art of Bonsai Creation, Care and Enjoyment

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Yuji Yoshimura was one of the first American bonsai pioneers and is also one of only three people inducted into the National Bonsai Hall of Fame (John Naka, the Dean of American Bonsai is the first, and Yoshi's student Bill Valavanis is the third )

When this ground-breaking bonsai classic first came out in 1957, it was almost the only bonsai book in English.

The biggest testament to its on-going value is that it is still in print after over fifty years! And it's still good value for the price.

Softcover - 7 1/4" x 10" - 220 pages By Yuji Yoshimura & Giovanna M. Halford

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